Progression through the squads at Milford Tigers will be initiated by a continuous assessment process. Swimmers will be moved upwards when coaches feel they are ready and have met the below criteria.

If a squad move takes place and you are not selected, please do not be discouraged.
Feel free to discuss where to improve with your Head Coach so that next time you might be successful!

Squad Requirements
  • Must have reached stage 6 of the Learn-to-Swim scheme
Development 1
  • Swim 50m front crawl and backstroke to include legal turns and
    streamline from the wall – good technique and body position
  • 25m Breaststroke with gliding and good stroke timing
  • 25m Butterfly with arms clearing the water with fins
  • Ability to perform legal starts and turns
Development 2
  • Swim 100m Front crawl to include perfect technique, 3 correct
    and legal tumble turns, streamline at least 5m off each turn
  • Swim 100m Backstroke as above, must also be performed with
    bent arm pulling action
  • Swim 100m Breaststroke to include legal pull out, legal turns,
    gliding and efficient stroke timing.
  • Swim 50m Butterfly so that arms clear the water, correct stroke timing &
    5m streamline out of turn.
  • Swim a 200m IM to maintain technique across all strokes,
    Correct IM Turns
Development 3
  • Entry into Development 3 is at the Head Coach’s discretion