For full details on our disciplinary and complaints procedures please click here.

At Milford Haven Swimming Club our aim is to offer a safe and welcoming environment for everyone involved – swimmers, coaches and parents.

While we hope that most issues will be resolved as they arise unfortunately there may be occasions where you may feel you need to take a matter further.

In the event that a complaint is necessary, an outline of the complaints procedure is below:

  • Contact the Club Secretary or Welfare Officer detailing as much information about your dispute as possible.
  • The Club Secretary or Child Welfare Officer will inform the Club Chairperson of your dispute.
  • An investigation of the events will be carried out by the Club Chairperson, Club Secretary and Child Welfare Officer.
  • The outcome of the investigation will be discussed with the Club Committee and all parties involved will be informed of the outcome.

Actions which can be taken following an investigation include:

  • Compensation for damages
  • Verbal warning
  • Given written warning
  • Suspension or Expulsion

Any complaints received by the Club Committee will be handled professionally and with the strictest confidence.

Contact details:

Club Secretary:
Child Welfare Office: